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Empowered ME by Aroma-Touch Therapy
21 Evolutions offering 76 Points of Progression to Empowerment
1. Ayurveda Wellness - INFO
2. Inspiration From Our Senses - Aroma & Touch
3. Success By Our Wellness System
4. 5 Essential Mind-Body Balancers From Perfect Health
5. Our Labels Light YourWay To Ayurveda Wellness
6. Our Labels Teach The Application Of Your Empowerment
7. REJUVENATION - Awaken YourMind To Guide Your Body’s Potential
8. Cardamom Awareness Expansion
9. Ginseng Awareness Expansion
10. CIRCULATION - Our Body’sLife Force to Feed a Vibrant Mind
11. Ashwagandha Awareness Expansion
12. Ginkgo Awareness Expansion
13. METABOLISM - TransformingFood & Thoughts in Healthy Harmony
14. Lavender Awareness Expansion
15. Ginger Awareness Expansion
16. ENERGY for FOCUS Clarity to Meet Your Day’s Challenges
17. Peppermint Awareness Expansion
18. St. John’s Wort Awareness Expansion
19. CALM to REST - Sound Sleepto Complete Your Self-Love Cycle
20. Valerian Awareness Expansion
21. Magnesium Awareness Expansion

We Empower Your Paramount Relationship