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Our Key Affirmation
confirms our
Empowered Path Key

Each time you approach the Empowered Path, you will open the gate with your own sacred acronym, as your password, which also serves as a summary of your Key Affirmation to honor your True Self in your Paramount Relationship. Each time you enter your affirmative key, you will generate internal love and harmony that will resonate to all your external relationships – so please open the gate to your Empowered Path often.

I will ask you 7 sacred questions to which your answers will form your acronym that affirms your commitment to becoming your own source of Happiness to attain, expand and share with the Universe.

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1 Do you want to be empowered to attain greater Happiness?
2 What is a source of your current Happiness?
3 What state of being would expand your Happiness?
4 What forms of Happiness do you now give to another and receive from another?
5 What can you say to another person to make them feel Happy?
6 Who in your life most needs you to send an affirmation of Happiness?
7 When have you been more grateful for your life than now?
We Empower Your Paramount Relationship