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The Empowered Path
flows to your internal source of happiness
ME = Source

The Empowered Path guides your internal empowerment

Begin by answering the 7 Sacred Questions

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  • Visualizing a clear path to empowered wellness
  • Transforming problems into opportunities for positive change
  • Evolving an assured state-of-being to share with all

The Empowered-ME line balances your mind & body

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  • Nurturing your mind and body in balanced harmony
  • Fulfilling all of your positive intentions with vitality and ease
  • Expanding your capacity for rejuvenation, circulation, digestion,
    energy & focus, and restful sleep

The Empowered-ME program expands your personal empowerment

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  • Connecting the phases of your daily life with positive affirmations
  • Building a solid foundation of internal health and happiness
  • Radiating wisdom, compassion, and generosity to all you love
Ask + Answer = RECEIVE
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Answer the 7 Sacred Questions
We Empower Your Paramount Relationship