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­ Perfect Health: The Chopra Center
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program

Welcome to our introduction to Perfect Health: The Chopra Center Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program – developed by Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon.

First, I'd like to introduce myself and give you a little insight into me and why I am so excited to be your guide through this course in the incredible and empowering life-science of Ayurveda.

My name is Scott Simon Fraser, and I consider myself to be a "living inspiration" of the power of the Empowered Path. This very personal Path continues to expand happiness in my life…and I am now enjoying a life filled with balanced harmony, profound joy, and meaningful, healthy relationships.

I have also discovered a brand new passion of teaching the Ayurvedic lifestyle to seekers of harmony and balance such as you who are drawn to the benefits of empowerment.  

I can tell you that my newfound harmony has positively affected every single aspect of my life. By aligning my mind & body in the practice of Ayurveda, my life has now become truly blissful – and it is this "eternal bliss" I am now prepared to teach and share with you.

Soon, you too will have everything you need to share unbounded happiness with others, of which you will receive even more in return.

The more happiness you share
— the more that will come back to you
— Scott Simon Fraser

Through the teachings of our course, you will discover that everything clarifies as you begin your journey up the Path.

Your thoughts, your emotions, your mood, your confidence, your nutrition—essentially your entire relationship with YOU evolves for the better.

The Path also positively touches each and every person you come in contact with: Your energy, your nature, your nurture, your understanding, and your empathy—all will manifest affirmatively in your relationships with others.

As your relationship with YOU (this is your Me-to-Me Relationship) evolves to an enlightened state – you will then be ready to build stronger, more meaningful relationships with others (these are your You-to-Me or "WE" Relationships).

My destiny of Empowered Wellness…

Just a few years ago—following a two-decade-long blur between the stresses of the United States Marine Corps and the anxiety of a soulless career in the stock market—the self-induced neglect of my own physical and emotional needs had thrust me into a bottoming tailspin.

With my life at a critical crossroads, I became the fortunate recipient of two miraculous gifts from two people whom are very important in my life.

The first gift was, surprisingly, an Omega juicer! I'm not certain as to why I felt so inspired by this generous gift of health, but I immediately began juicing organic kale and other fresh fruits and vegetables each and every morning. And this proved to be an immediate life and health enhancer for me.

In what I can only describe as a "bountiful-rush" of the best nutrients our planet has to offer, this commitment to juicing instantly began transforming my body and my mind for the better.

The second miraculous gift was a book entitled, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga by Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon

By receiving something so entirely unexpected and unfamiliar, a strange feeling swept over me. I somehow knew there was something powerful inside for me to discover. Not only was I right—the experience was far greater than I could have ever imagined.

As I began digesting the profound wisdom emblazoned on the pages within, I felt an immense spirit awakening inside of me. I soon understood that The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga was less about "yoga" and more about an "affirmation of self-knowledge gained through meditative discipline."

I began to grasp that this "knowledge gained" later becomes "wisdom held" which can eventually be shared with the Universe in the form of "spiritual discovery."

With these two invaluable gifts now resonating within me, I decided to dig a little deeper…whereupon I answered an ethereal calling to the Empowered Path.

Around this time, I came to the realization that I needed to learn and embrace the teachings of my now cherished spiritual guide, Dr. Deepak Chopra. I felt as if this book, this generous gift of wisdom, was leading me directly to him. 

A chance meeting…

When I discovered that the Chopra Center was located just a few short miles from my home, I was immediately inspired into action. How many times had I driven past—completely unaware of its spiritual calling to me? Was it a sign? It had to be…

With my heart racing in the spirit of self-discovery, I drove (perhaps even sped) to the Chopra Center; I just had to see this beacon of spirituality with my own eyes and experience it with my own senses.

My initial visit was, in a word, transformational. The uplifting spirit of the center is truly undeniable. From the Spanish-styled rooftops to the vibrant green lawns – from the calming fountains and pools to the cobblestone walkways accented with seasonal flowers – you can literally feel the positive energy flowing through every fiber of your being as you breathe in the soothing ocean breezes.  

Upon my return home, still feeling rejuvenated and revitalized from my visit to this place of serenity, I revisited the Chopra Center website and quickly discovered the Perfect Health Program, which is based in the teachings of the Ayurvedic lifestyle.

This seemed like a great place to start!

With my heart and mind in balanced inspiration, I made the move to secure my spot on the Teacher's Path, which is held in its entirety on the sprawling grounds and comfortable accommodations of the Chopra Center.

With my inner spirit rejoicing in my newfound love of juicing, yoga, and meditation – I attended the Perfect Health Program with an open heart and an open mind.

Amazingly, on my first day at the center, I had the incredibly good fortune of running into Mr. Chopra (he actually prefers being called Deepak) outside of one of the exquisitely adorned halls.

The moment of pure truth…

Just he and I! Was I prepared? As it turns out, there is no need for preparation when encountering a worldly being of such eternal enlightenment as Deepak Chopra!

This chance meeting has since proven to be one of the purest moments of my life and the true beginning-point of my journey "UP" the Empowered Path.

So…how does one even begin to describe a man of such profound knowledge and spirit?

His calm demeanor, his intuitive gaze, his soft voice, his ability to say so much by saying so little…

I honestly cannot recall the exact words he spoke to me—only that I understood him purely and profoundly and that a new door had been opened inside of me revealing my own personal path to my own True-Self.

And that is the journey I continue to walk, with you, today.  

Your journey begins today…

While my journey has been, and continues to be a life-saver for me as a practitioner and alumnus of the Perfect Health program, I want you to know that your Path will be equally yet uniquely inspiring.

Your Path has to be unique because you are unique!

My intention and commitment in teaching you the Perfect Health program is that of leading you to your own Path, which you can then follow to eternity.

With me as your benevolent guide, I know this: You are now preparing to enter the gates of your own true self-discovery for the first time in your life.

A life of expanding harmony and balance awaits each and every one of you…for you will soon be walking your own Empowered Path. You may even be inspired to help others discover their own true nature.

To confirm your interest in our course on Perfect Health: The Chopra Center Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program, please complete the form below. This course will commence with a complimentary online Open-House gathering to be held on Friday, December 18th at 10:30am pacific. Details will be provided for all who join us. Get ready to be empowered!



Scott Simon Fraser

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