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Integrating the 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga
for a Balanced ME and a Wonderful WE

Before I opened the gate to our Empowered Path, I stood at the emotional crossroads between a terminal tailspin and a miraculous recovery. Humbled by an exhausted ego, my spiritual light led me to recovery starting with two random, mind/body balancing gifts:

Both of these enlightening gifts combined to begin a Sequence of Beneficial Events that pulled me from darkness and propelled me into a relationship of mutual enrichment and expanding happiness with the Universe. Empowered Wellness is now my destiny to be shared with all.  

Today, I share this Gift of Gratitude with you in an exchange of mutual enrichment to expand our collective happiness. Please join me in the integration of Deepak's The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga into our daily lives. Together, we'll learn to balance our internal harmony through loving intentions that resonate outward to our evolving Universe.

I know for certain—from my own experiences of enlightenment by these seven spiritual laws—that we all have the tools to create our own preferred reality. I now invite you to walk this path with me as we attain inner balance together.

For our journey, you will need:

This first Gift of Gratitude will start you on your path to Empowered Wellness



Scott Simon Fraser

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