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The Empowered-ME Program
for your Paramount Relationship
Your Me-to-Me Relationship

The Empowered-ME Program integrates our products-to-process for an empowering program of 5 beneficial, topically-applied therapies within an interactive course of study to increase balance and harmony in the essential facets of an active day:

  1. Early-Morning Rejuvenation with Cardamom for the mind and Ginseng for the body
  2. Mid-Morning Circulation with Ashwagandha for the mind and Ginkgo for the body
  3. Midday Metabolism with Lavender for the mind and Ginger for the body
  4. Mid-Afternoon Energy/Focus with Peppermint for the mind and St. John's Wort for the body
  5. Evening Calm to Rest with Valerian for the mind and Magnesium for the body
Take the Empowered-ME 21-day Course

You will master the pragmatic benefits of both touch and aroma therapies. You will also experience the profound enlightenment of dedicating 90 seconds—in each of the 5 essential phase transitions of the Sun/Moon cycle—to be loving of yourself.

The Empowered-ME Program links our products to process: 5 topically applied beneficial therapies with a consciousness-based interactive study program in which the student and teacher are unified.

The intention of the Empowered-ME 21-day Course is to transform the phases of a complete night/day in harmony with Ayurveda in a sequence of beneficial events in the spirit of Panchakarma.

Both the sequentially balancing formulations and interactive guidance that expands the exchange of enrichment between student and teacher will have equal value and emphasis in the Empowered-ME program.

When applied to our daily lives, research becomes
the knowledge we share as universal wisdom
— Scott Simon Fraser

All components of the Empowered-ME Program are based on the wisdom Scott gained during his certification in Perfect Health: The Chopra Center Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program.

Please closely examine our front and back product labels—revealing our progressive course study on integrating the principles of Ayurveda with our topically applied therapies.

From pragmatic roots, we provide the value of herbal-focused touch therapy for the body and aromatherapy for the mind. To the progressively profound states of consciousness, the Empowered-ME program emphasizes our connection to the 5 Elements "Mahabhutas" on the way to reaching unified harmony with our internal to universal beings. As far as our students want to evolve, we will walk up the Empowered Path with them.

Optimal benefits of the Empowered-ME Program, for both students and teachers, manifest when both the course and products are used in collective sequence. Nevertheless, the components of both the course and products are available selectively.

We now invite you to experience the balancing and healing properties of our ingredients, the peaceful and mindful practice of applying self-love in the daily use of each of our 5 beneficial therapies, and the harmonious mind/body balance that is attainable though our accompanying course content.

In combination, our Empowered-ME self-love program will bring you a deeper level of self-awareness within each Sun-Moon cycle.

To confirm your interest in the Empowered-ME line and course, please complete the form below. We are now offering a Special Introductory Package coinciding with our exciting launch; details will be provided for all who join us. Get ready to be empowered!



Scott Simon Fraser

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We Empower Your Paramount Relationship