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­ The PINK Happy Pack Program for
Sensual Wellness in Intimate Interactions

Our mindfully formulated PINK® sensual lubricants are aligned for sequential enhancement of the sensory responses from physical interaction by oneself or with a partner within our course to empowered intimacy.

In our PINK Happy Pack course, you will gain mastery of selective lubricant application, ingredient knowledge, and their optimum functions. You will also experience the value in communication that a mastery of lubricants provides for empowered couples.

  1. Intimate Communication begins with unveiling your PINK Happy Pack
  2. Awareness in Nurturing starts with sensual awakening through self-discovery
  3. Empowering Interaction initiates our renewal of romance through the passionate exchange of expanding enrichment

To confirm your interest in the PINK Happy Pack of sensual lubricants and our accompanying course, please complete the form below. We are now offering a Special Introductory Package for this course; details will be provided for all who join us. Get ready to be empowered!



Scott Simon Fraser

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